As everybody knows, three days ago the SL President (Mr Biihi) met with the senior opposition party leaders in his palace. It was extremely disgusting to note the naked discrimination made by the president in receiving the party leaders. The President gave a warm welcome shake including hugging to all except the gedabuursi man. A pure clan-based segregation. Thanks to those who gorgeously recorded and disseminated through all media channels.

Awdalities strongly believe the video clip on this event is remarkable and will pay a lot to the recorders. The event will be a bleeding wound to Mr Biihi and it will be a malignant scar that will follow him until the grave.

Perhaps he suffers from retrospective amnesia dictated by the level of hatred, envy and feeble mindedness.

A gedabuursi wise politician composed a famous poem on relationships saying. Ooh my Lord God how much I valued someone who hates me. Unfortunately if Mr Biihi had been a smart politician he would have hugged Mohamed Ali five times and would have kissed his cheeks.

The hand shake he gave to Mohamed Ali was by far a fully stretched hand as compared to others which was meant as “stay away from me”. That was a great blunder done by a newborn President and it will be shared with his people and his origin.

The Gedabuursi does not ask and/or require an apology rather they are satisfied with the event recorder probably a great journalist and will be observe perseverance forever.

Unable to recall, the President was saying yesterday, he was not chosen or elected by a clan by all Somali Landers and with help of Allah. So, first, will that man who categorically rejects clannism shall accept such a slander and defamation to his colleague; second will the president who attributed his success to his Allah will consider such a gaffe and humiliation a positive action; third, that man who singled out the only outsider among his clansmen deserves to be called a “ Head of State” or he otherwise deserve to be called the weak link.

Today is an important day and we advise the Ambassador, [You are not offended, you have won honor and integrity]. It is a diamond for your people that no one can pretend to snatch away; It is jar full of honey we shall keep sucking for ages; it is an asset that will ever be appreciated; it is a vital day that the narrow- minded emerged from nowhere and it is a day that the same guy has been washed away by merciless tides!

Thank you

Farxaan Riiraash

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