equipment include criminal fingerprint record cards, handcuffs, fingerprint kit, barrier and warning tape and other essential items critical for crime scene investigation.

Tresphord Kasale, the AMISOM Police co-ordinator for the South West state, who spoke during the handover ceremony held at Baidoa Police Station, on Tuesday, asked the CID department to make good use of the equipment and investigate the cases properly.
“The purpose of handing over the equipment is a follow up to the training programme which we have been conducting for the personnel under CID and the other departments so that the equipment which is handed over is well utilized. And we are looking forward to them to ensure that all the cases are properly investigated since they have got the equipment,” Mr. Kasale added.

The Bay Region Police commissioner, Mahat Abdirahman Adan, who received the equipment, said the donation by AMISOM will help the Criminal Investigations Department conduct proper investigations on crimes committed in the region.

“Today AMISOM has handed over equipment to us, the items they delivered include investigation kits, fingerprint kit, barrier and warning tape, symbols used to locate the scene of investigation, criminal fingerprint record cards, bloodstain pattern documentation kit.

AMISOM has brought the items that could be used to examine all these issues. It is an important effort that will help [the CID department] and without it we cannot make accurate investigation” the Commissioner added.

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