It was for a while last time when I wrote an article about Somali contemporary politics in the horn as whole and particularly Breakaway Republic of Somaliland .
In few weeks time Somaliland people will cast their votes to elect fifth Somaliland president from three main political party contenders, ruling party kulmiye candidate Muse Bihi , UCID faisal Warabe whose running third time as he lost already last two presidntial election happen in Somaliland ,hopeful and energetic Hon Abdirahman Irro former parliament speaker and founder of Wadani political party greatest opposition party in Somaliland history.
This election is one man one vote no more multiple voting and irregularities as usual, political parties are campaigning to convince people across the country to vote for them though different approaches.
Party manifesto is less worth than clan ideology ,as we aware traditional elders are part of each main political party campaign team, elders duties on traditional issues seems not important this critical time as many of them travelling miles to urges people vote for particular candidate belong to their clan which is ridiculous and unacceptable in modern democracy.
But what is need further clarification is how clan based ideally and democracy Somaliland claim it adopted compatible? I leave the answer to citizens of this great nation struggling to get international recognition and one day be part of international community .
World eyes are on upcoming election though I am not sure whether it will put pressure international community recognise will Somaliland or on the hand be added list of election happen prior to this , as they fully support country’s democratisation process technically and financially as well , many international observers are heading Somaliland to witness how election is taking place, most of them European countries like UK, Denmark and others ,though international community still neglecting to back Somaliland international recognition, these observers and other well known figures going there will put weight how this tiny unrecognised country be part of international community .
As opinion polls indicate this election will be highly contested and no one can predict who is going to succeed incumbent president Silanyo who is handing over power after seven years in power, other night he invited all candidates to the presidential palace and urged to prevent any kind of action which can lead violence during campaign and post-election period,

In conclusion, Somaliland presidential election has to be held in free and transparent way to prevent any post-election violence which can lead division among our ordinary people and those involve political spectrum as whole.
Rule of law has to upheld all the time and our justice system has to be fair to be relay on .
To participate election is constitutional right everyone has, and everyone has to cast his or her vote to take part shape of the country.

Abdulrazak A Kahie is human rights advocate and one of Somaliland expat live in London, He is MA human rights holder from UWE Bristol.
he can be reached at

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