It was indeed a heartbreaking statement from one of the Presidential runners when he candidly and honestly disclosed the status in which Somaliland is navigating through in a dinner hosted by the President. He pinpointed the peculiarity of this election and has briefly described the situation as precarious with prodromal signs of all out of war. [Eebow adaan kaa hoos galney].

The Somalilanders are closely and meticulously watching the situation, they know without hesitation the groups that can be of help. They are still pointing finger to the four groups who are fully responsible and can prevent any social unrest. The society is repeatedly asking the groups to exercise their utmost respect to the demands of their citizens.

There has been an increasing anxiety within the society after witnessing how desperate the opposition parties were. The society is expecting more the “Dua” or prayers the President has verbalized last night. The society largely believes that an SOS call must be initiated right from now to the Security Council to dispatch and deploy an effective peace keeping mission.

Somalilanders clearly understands that putting one man on the chair is not their quest but what matters most is well known. The society is also demanding that all mitigating elements should be put in place and quick consultation must be made with the neighboring countries. The civil society structures, the youth, women associations, religious and spiritual leaders, tribal chiefs, academicians and the private sector associations are calling for a calm and tranquility.

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