Education is the hallmark of development; it is the power to change and a key to growth and prosperity; it is the savior of human life and it is the engine of social, economic, demographic, environmental and ecological dynamics.

Human greed compounded by envious character is the main culprit and dominates the way we live, it is a super bug resistant to all kinds of treatment; it is the most venomous and deadliest of all and where it attacks it leaves with a total devastation, death and destruction.

Usually the act of jealousy is detrimental perhaps there might be very few occasions where envious behavior can yield a positive outcome. In general terms, the envious behavior can only bring unnecessary duplication of efforts, waste of resources, poor quality, and widespread subversive actions.

The most destabilizing factor that promotes evil in any society is distrustfulness and is generally phrased in Somali “Waar meeshaasi waa beladul xasad oo ma guuleysato”.  In that society, the business of jealousy goes into vicious circle. A story one after another continues until the whole society drowns.

Amoud University is a complete higher educational institution with all key faculties and branches. The medical school has been satisfactorily running with domestic and limited external resources. The Medical school’s contribution is largely felt through Somalia. Doctors, public health specialists and other cadres are all engaged in serving the people.

Within the coming five years, Amoud Medical School will export so many graduates to outside world. The school was seriously determined to enhance the quality and has effectively pursued the existing regulatory frameworks including licensing, credentialing and accreditation.

Amoud is a well-known institution where many outsiders are interested to join in terms of teaching, financial contribution and academic affiliation. Unfortunately, the jealousy evil has as usual been reckless to undermine our beloved institution. As you all know, they recently announced the so called “Adal Medical School”.

There are many questions than answers to such an irrational move that is driven excessively by mere possessiveness. Do we need a third medical school in this region? Do we clearly understand the strategic vision of this newly inaugurated “medical business”? Indeed, we can try to find some answers but with difficulty.

Adal is competing Amoud because Amoud was seen as a strange star shining from a faraway distance. The light of that star is not evenly distributed as perceived by greed-invested groups. The light of the Amoud star is not controlled by me. I’m Mr. Dajaaj, I should be the one and the only one. When such behavior dictates, the trust and integrity dies. Immorality prevails, toxicity in our bloodstream shoots up and kills all kinds of bugs. As a community in Awdal region, have we ever enjoyed at least debating on common interests? Have we got engaged in an inclusive dialogue where key social, economic and political issues are tackled?

Ever since Awdal started the educational development, the unhealthy competition has been vehemently anchoring its roots. The competition (but not defined) on ordinary business such as  groceries, teashops, hotels, restaurants, real states, workshops, barber shops etc, falls within the normal limits nevertheless, when it reaches (envious one) , health facilities, pharmacies, medical training, it is outrageous and it should be protested by all!

All levels of education are critical but the higher levels require greater attention. Opening a grocery cannot be compared with an opening a medical school. Already the people are paying very heavy prices as a result of largely unregulated pharmacies or private clinics.

Those who own such unnecessary, irrational and envy-based business, those who support in the name of government authorities, those who promote by the mercenary-driven mentality, those who finance and are shareholders, and those who protect in the name of judiciary systems are all evil and will be punished one day!!

Amoud deserves to be supported by all it doesn’t deserve to be undermined because of selfishness and because of ill-fated, narrow-minded and foolish thinking. Awdal people cannot be misled by pointless interventions, by sick minds and hearts, by toxic competition, and by harmful actions.

It is imperative that we should all think about the future and the generation to come. We should be driven by objectives not by distrust among us. We should be proud of what we have achieved so far and build on those institutions that are effectively delivering.

 Askar O. Amir

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