The minister of Informationof Ethiopia told the press yesterday that Somaliland expelled 3,000
Oromos from the country after the ethnic unrest broke in the eastern regions of Ethiopia. The ethnic unrest between the Somalis and the Oromos in the neighbouring regional states of Ethiopia has left dozens dead.
The statement by FM Negeri Lencho of Ethiopia is far from the reality and did not mention the more than 70 Somalilanders massacred in Haawady who were traders, family members and children mainly from Somaliland. The traders killed were mostly Khat business people , drivers of khat trucks and support staff.
Anti Oromo sentiments grew in Somaliland after the massacre of dozens of people from Somaliland in Haawaday. The Oromos used to enter Somaliland illegally and mainly engaged in street begging in most of the large Somaliland cities. They have lived in the country without anybody harming them.
The Somaliland government and the religious leaders have recently called upon the people of Somaliland not to harm the Oromo economic migrants in the country. However , the Oromos in Somaliland felt intimidated and thousands of them fled the country voluntarily to the Ethiopian border.
We should note that Somaliland has the right to deport any persons staying illegally in its country.
The people of Somaliland who wish to travel to Ethiopia seek entry visas from the office of the mission of Ethiopia in Hargeisa and the same is expected from the people of Ethiopia when entering Somaliland.
The people of Somaliland also face deportations from different countries in the world including the Arab countries. Some of the Somaliland people deported from the Arab countries have been born in those countries.

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