Following the previous calls for Impeachment: ,

Mr. Siilaanyo has breached the core of Somaliland Constitution by causing directly or indirectly the killings and injuries taken place in Borama and surroundings for 22 years or so and recently in Zeila. The events in Borama and Zeila speak for themselves. Zeila is a port in the Red Sea and facing Aden of Yemen. Zeila region is part of Awdal of Somalia. It is close to the frontier between Djibouti and Somalia.

There are multiple reasons of why Issa and Gadabursi are in disagreement as to who will lead the Zeila Municipality. First, as soon the SNM entered the country from Ethiopia, the Issa in Djibouti put out a map covering half of Awdal Region and claiming as Issa region. Secondly, Mr. Rayaale, the former Somaliland President from Gsdabursi tribe, has supported the Issa dream with the creation of a region the same as the map put out by Issa and named it Salal. Gadabursi are now asking each other of why Mr. Riyaale did that. Salal is now a curse to Gadabursi and a claim to a property to Issa. Issa wants to falsify the History of Zeila by creating and financing a baseless propaganda. The History of Zeila is in every Library of World. Nobody can deny the golden years of Gadabursi Dynasty and the power they had in the region. Gadabursi forced the Powerful British Government to an agreement into the twentieth century history. The Issa, instead of propagating baseless and counterfeit videos in the internet, they should read the History of region. They should realize Somalia is not negotiable. The 18 regions of Somalia prior to 1991 are still valid and written in the United Nations Chart. All the regions after that is a tribal land grab and cannot exist after Somalia gets strong. Somaliland, Puntland, and others were and still are part of those 18 regions.

As it is always the norm of politics, the party which wins the most seats takes the power. In the municipal elections which recently took place in Somaliland of Somalia, the group or party who has gotten the most seats has taken the Mayor and his Deputy. An argument has started in Zeila. The Gadabursi has won in the election. Gadabursi 10 councillors while Issa got 7. Zeila is allocated for 17 councillors. Like any other city in Somaliland, the Mayor and his assistant should go to Gadabursi. Issa has protested and said no way a Gadabursi takes the Mayor. Prior to the choosing the Mayor, the Election Commission has certified the election results in the Region.

The Issa has put pressure on the Government by mobilising a delegation, sponsored by Djibouti Government from Djibouti. They say that President Geele of Djibouti has directed Mr. Siilaanyo of Somaliland to intervene. After Mr. Geele’s and the delegation’s pressure, Mr. Siilaanyo caved in and decided to send a high level delegation to Borama with a message to the Gadabursi Sultans and politicians.

A meeting took place in Rays Hotel, Borama, Somaliland and the message from the Siilaanyo was read in the meeting. They say the message as follows:

“The Mayor and his Deputy of Zeila Municipality are to be given to Issa tribe. It continued as saying that Somaliland needs Djibouti for its existence so that Gadabursi has to give up the seats they got in a general Municipal Elections.” It doesn’t say Issa has the majority in the region because Mr. Geele and Siilaanyo know the history of the region but has something in common – Geele is thinking of the resources of the region while Mr. Siilaanyo is thinking for his self interest.

That message has caused the Gadabursi Youth to go on peaceful demonstration in front of Rays Hotel where the Government Delegation was residing and the meetings were taking place. The reaction from the bodyguards was swift and very brutal. The guards of the delegation fired indiscriminately into the demonstration and killed one of the Youth and many others wounded. Off course the Guards did not act without the consent of the Government. After this incident, the Government has withdrawn its message and ordered the Mayor and his assistant of Zeila Municipality should be inaugurated.

Again another problem similar to that happened in Borama has started in Zeila. The Issa decided that no way a Gadabursi Mayor should take place. Things got out of hand and killings and injuries got under way. Issa argued that it is their region and no one else can decide for them. This argument of owning Zeila has developed from previous elections of electoral votes over more than forty years. The Gadabursi clan, in respect of Issa and as a traditional hospitality, gave an unconditional win in Zeila region to Issa without going into election. Despite the presence of that clan in that region is so small and almost non-existant, they have been getting away with some members of parliament in both Somalia and Somaliland without going into election and out of good will and harmony from Gadabursi.

The pressure is still continued. The delegation from Somaliland which participated in Mr. Heid’s Funeral in Djibouti is now heading to Zeila. They say they want to inaugurate an Issa Mayor by suppressing the election result. Some of the Ministers in Siilaanyo’s Government are not going to rest till they fulfil the Issa agenda, but would they succeed in that conspiracy? Not in Gadabursi’s watch.

Things are not like before any more. Politics and Power has replaced the traditional hospitality. Issa has become a power in Djibouti after the Djibouti independence because of French Colonial policy at the time. Because of that power, Issa is trying to take Zeila Region of Somalia and to open to Djibouti. Issa got away with Djibouti which all Somalis have a credit for its independence and they want more of the same. This present Government and the previous ones of Somaliland of Somalia have facilitated policy of appeasement with the Djibouti Government. They say, secret meetings between presidents of Somaliland and that of Djibouti took place and still continuing. The fire started by president Siilaanyo is not going away soon. The President of Somaliland of Somalia, Mr. Siilaanyo is an educated man. He knows the history of the region and who lives where and how many.

Now, having talked about the background of these recent incidents, the question is who is responsible of the killings and life injuries of the innocent people in both Borama and Zeila? The answer to this question leads us to the President Siilaanyo’s unsought and controversial message delivered in Borama. That message is the cause of the bloodshed. That message has inflamed the situation in Zeila. This message and the pressure put on Gadabursi Elders has encouraged and emboldened the Issa in the region and beyond and caused them to come out and reject the verdict of the people. Djibouti mobilised demonstrators from Djibouti and provided transportation. The Siilaanyo Government did not stop those people at boarder but allowed them to proceed to Zeila. Those demonstrators caused property damage and human injuries.

The argument that President Siilaanyo’s actions warrant impeachment is out of those ill- thought and unlike Presidential decisions. There were many other killings took place in his watch in Awdal Region and no one has sought for inquiry or justice. All of his actions point to one thing: Mr. Siilaanyo has conspired against Somaliland with our neighbours.

The reason why he is not sought after is that he is surrounded by his own clan and hardcore elements from the SNM. However, it is the responsibility of the House of Representatives and the Senate to take matters into their hands and question and examine if there is a breach of the President’s Power in the Constitution. Despite of all incidents happened while in office, those members in the two Houses are silent as if they are blind and dumb. They are there for the people and the country and they know their duty but reluctant to act because of clan affiliation, nepotism, and corruption.

The case against MR. Siilaanyo is simple and straight forward:

1) Violating the Constitution of the State and the Oath of Office by trying to dismiss legal vote outcome and watch people dying.

2) Betrayal of Public Trust by preferring one group from the other and inciting violence

3) Causing death and body injury by ordering the security to shoot innocent people and indifferent to the butcher and slaughter of law abiding and innocent citizens

4) Conspiring against own country by favouring the ambitions of the neighbour countries – it is a teason.


Witnesses are speaking out loud recently. The speech of Mr. Kayse of UCID Party on Friday, Jan. 11, 2013 highlights the case for the Impeachment of the President. You can listen to the speech here: He tells the story of how Mr. Siilaanyo’s policy of appeasement has incited the wars, killing children and Youth, suppression, Election Forge, revival of tribalism, nepotism, corupption etc. If the politicians believe that the President is doing all those criminal activities, why they are keeping him in office? All the criminal activities happening in Somaliland proves that the President is not capable of being the Commander in Chief. The only reason he is there is he surrounded himself with his closest allies and tribesmen and those who themselves share the blame with him. For the sake of the country and the people, the President is either resign on his own or be disgraced with impeachment. Time is urgency. “Wait” is a time bomb. History will be a witness to this disastrous policy.

Again this is a call to the peace loving communities and organistion, and to the human rights organisation and the Somaliland of Somalia lawmakers to safe that region from the imminent collapse, disorder and civil war.








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