FankaThe betrayal of the country and its citizens by overstepping the Constitution and pitting one tribe against another and causing death and injury is a high treason by definition. Causing death, uncertainty, confusion, fear, and long term hostility between innocent citizens of Somaliland for a personal interest and in favour of a foreign country is a high treason warranted by impeachment and imprisonment.

Salel Region is not part of Djibouti. It is part and parcel of Somalia proper and will remain so forever. Mr. Sillaanyo is not only selling Salel but planted animosity and hate among its people who have common destiny and have been living together in Somalia, Eithopia, and Djibouti. It is insane to create such criminal conditions at this difficult time of all Somalis. The prevailing condition in Zeila in these days is not in favour of either Gadabursi or Issa. Mr. Siilaanyo and his comrades have succeeded in their conspiracy of growing hostility between Gadabursi and Issa. What happened in Borama is seen being repeated In Zeila. The Siilaanyo Government has opened Lawyado Boarder for the incoming traffic of Issa Militia and their weaponry while the other side of the boarder is closed. The government knew all along that Issa Militia has been organized and readed for the attack of Zeila Municipality. Now the fire has started and who knows the end of it. But one thing is sure, Siilaanyo and his comrades will fail and pay the prize.

The situation in Zeila is not something which has come out of the blue. It has been proding since the time that Gadabursi gave Issa the free ride in Zeila. Mr. Rayaale’s regime, the present of Mr. silaanyo and that of Mr. Geele in Djibouti has become catalysts and gave unconditional support to Issa in the region.

There are multiple other reasons while Issa is emboldened at this time: The regime in Djibouti has been taking an advantage of the civil wars in Somalia and the ambition of Somaliland being independent from Somalia and at same time the regime In Djibouti is tempting to get a pie from Somaliland because:

There are potential resources in that part of Somalia, including oil, variety of minerals, such diamond, gold, asbestos, copper, tin, and other high quality minerals.

There are two small Islands off Zeila coast. These two Islands could be expensive world resort. Some businessmen from Somaliland and Djibouti who are from Isak and Issa are interested to invest in these Islands and own them and take over Zeila city.


Djibouti Government is working on a plan to have Salal Region. The President of Djibouti, Mr. Geele has a lot of Influence on previous and present Presidents of Somaliland as well as the Somalia politics.

There have been rumours circulated for some time among Somalilanders that Saadiin and Eeban are of interest to some businessmen from Djibouti and Somaliland. The rumours have been around since Rayaae’s regime. It is said that plots have been given to some of those businessmen by the late officials of Zeila municipality with the consent of Rayaale & Siilaanyo. If this is true, the files of those activities and arrangements could be hidden in the files in the Zeila Municipality and it is the duty of recently elected officials to clear the air. The reasons why hate mongers are mobilized from Djibouti are to create civil disorder in order to cover up the land grab, the records in Zeila municipality, and the actions of Rayaale, Siilaanyo and Geele of Djibouti. People are thinking of minor things like Gadabursi-Issa relationship, but the conspiracy is deeper than that. In a net shell, it is a land grab. Salel is at stake. The peace in the region is at the stake.

The death and the turmoil recently happened in Borama and Zeila is the proof of the treason. The aftermath of that criminal agenda and the fire it has started is continued today in Zeila. The cheap shot brought by Silaanyo and his regime was well intended and some of the goals already begun in Zeila. Mr. Silaanyo has breached the constitution for his own profit and interest. It is an evil and abuse which any government can cause. They came up with a message of high stakes. The theme of the Conspiracy is this: They said if we do not give the Mayor and its deputy to Issa tribe, Somaliland will lose its interest in Djibouti and might not exist. Bingo! So far they are succeeding. The outcome of this conspiracy depends on how smart Gadabursi and Issa are. If they do not out smart those criminals, then both Gadabursi and Issa will lose.

I salute the Youth who saved the day and the fate of their people. Credit goes to those who lost their lives and those who have permanent scars from the actions of the brutal and criminal bodyguards of those who came up with the ambition of selling us to a foreign country. What Siilaanyo has done is an absolute breach of Constitution, the law of government, and Democratic Principals. It is a premeditated conspiracy against the will of the people and the motherland. Mr. Siilaanyo tried to sell us an evil motive and partial agenda and without the brave young men, who put their lives on the line of action, he would have succeeded and embarrass Gadaboursi. The Youth were fighting for Democracy and civil rights and not against Issa. On the contrary Issa in Salal are fighting for a different cause. Issa in the region want to put salal under the control of Djibouti and fulfilling a bigger agenda.

This unfortunate and ambitious plan which cost the lives of innocent people HERE and THERE constitutes an offence of treason against Somaliland. Siilaanyo has denied the rights of the people and over stepped the law of the land and the Constitution and caused the death and the injury of the people. He pitted Issa against Gadabursi and Vice Versa. As the result of this unfortunate and premeditated action of Siilaanyo, the people who have been living together peacefully are now neck in neck. Worse than that, is the loss of the dream of thousands of Somalilanders who are looking forward to have their own country. Siilaanyo fills in all the descriptions of a traitor. THEREFORE HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED AND BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. Period!

If the people in the two house chambers are authentic and real and are there for the welfare and common interest of all people, they should take their responsibility seriously and should bring this selfless man to justice and very soon or they will be considered collaborators by all Somalis, the International Peace Loving Communities and Human Rights Agencies. What is happening in Zeila today is the product of Siilaanyo’s agenda. Gadabursi and Issa have to come to their senses and calm down and realize that the conspiracy is against their interest.

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