After 28 days of an electorally effective campaign was continuing in entire regions of Somaliland, in which all the seven national political parties participated equally with each party had been making his campaign in specific days.
In addition to that, during the election campaigning days there had been huge traffic jam in main towns of Somaliland while the streets in big towns of the country were clearly seen a lot of people moving to and from freedom gardens in each city in the country. However, when the election campaigning days completed. The national electoral commission of Somaliland had declared the Election Day and informed both the government and the citizens to vote peacefully during the Election Day.
Emphasizing on the government the Electoral Commission said,”the government should secure the peace and stability in country.” However, on Wednesday 28th November. People in Somaliland went to polling stations to cast their votes.
In Borama town, the election began at 7 o’clock. And finished at 6 o’clock with 148 constituencies were being cast votes. The election took place peacefully in every constituency in the town because the voters were working with the policemen keeping the security at polling stations nicely. When the voting ended, the National Electoral Commission staff in Awdal region had begun counting votes thrown in the electoral boxes with Lughaya and Zaylac became the first two districts head their results.
On Monday December 3, Borama district Electoral Commission announced the election result with 21 councilors won the contest while 126 candidates lost the election. And the political parties got the positions as follows: the ruling party Kulmiye got 7 councils, Wadani party 4 councils, New Ucid party 3 councils, Umada party 3 councils, Rays party 2 councils, Dalsan party 1 council and Xaqsoor party 1 council.

By Ahmednour

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