It is true that, after its independence from Great Britain in 1960, Somaliland joined the other part of Somalia which got its independence from Italy. As most Somalilanders know, the decision came hastily and without putting the idea to the people under referendum. Special interest groups hijacked us.

Somalia has been on roller coaster since the ouster of Siyad Barre. Many self-served groups have cropped up and some of those groups formed the so called independent states of Somalia. Some of those groups are fighting religious wars. Al Shabab and Al Qaida are fighting another war. Somalia has become the home of pirates.

The mini-states in the South are working for Federalism and working with the TFG directly and indirectly. They are not secessionists. They say clearly and loudly that Somalia as a nation exists. They want their share of the pie. Does Somaliland on the other hand really want secession?

Somaliland is almost hundred percent controlled by one tribe, namely Isaaq. Today’s power is in the hands of that tribe and denying other tribes to have a say in the decision making. Somaliland consists of states: Awdalstate, Middle state, and Khaatumo state. However, the Middle state recognizes itself as the dominant tribe and controls Somaliland’s affairs. The Government of Somaliland is almost hundred percent from Isaaq. The government is far worse than any colonial power. Even in the Great Britain Colonial Rule, there were no killings without precedent. Premeditated murders have become common occurrences. These killings predominately happen in Awdalsate. The killers are from Isaaq tribe and the Government lets them loose every time killings happen.

The Government of Somaliland is not serious of Independence but working on another agenda. They want a lion’s share of the Pie. They show the world that they are not interested in becoming part of Somalia but the truth is they have no choice except to be part of the negotiations because the world insists in Somalia as being a nation. The Government of Somaliland is fooling its people. It is pretending to be working on their behalf. They want to grab power in a Somali nation as they have already done in Somaliland. They are in the forefront of the negotiations.

As of the other peoples in Somaliland, it is not too late to realize their situation and wake up to the calls of today. The poor people of Awdal Region are under the mercy of Isaaq Government. They still believe in a Government which is already on the road to Mogadisho. However, it is not too late to be part of the negotiations. Awdal people need to face the reality on the ground. They should divert from the road to nowhere and take the straight path to Mogadisho before their destiny is decided for them by the Isaaq Government. It is sure that the Government of Somaliland has already taken the High Way to Mogadisho and negotiating on taking the lion’s share of the PIE. And it is also sure they are going to get it while leaving others in the sand. The Government of Somaliland has no choice but to obey their masters in London.

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