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It has happened many times that innocent Awdal people were murdered. The victims were either travelling or sleeping in their homes. In all cases and circumstances, the murderers are not brought to justice.

Nowadays, the so-called government of Somaliland has silenced the media and news sources in Somaliland. It has become a crime to criticize the Government and its unfortunate support of suppression of free speech. Many news writers and journalists are under censorship and cannot freely report on the injustices and crimes sponsored by the Government. When the free press is silenced and the murders and injustice are continued, the law enforcement agents are encouraged to imprison, abuse, and exercise cruel methods of torture and at same get away with whatever criminal activities they do. The  Executive power in Somaliland are in the hands of those comrades who fought against injustice and abuse to their people but doing the same cruelty they complained against and targeting innocent journalists and civilians minding their own businesses and who abide by the rules of journalism.

Recently, Newsmaker, Mohamed Abdirahman Ismail from Borama, has been detained for a crime that he has never committed. They say he told a false story about people coming through Lughaya Port. He was beaten and tortured to a point where he was hospitalized for unconsciousness and concussion in the brain. The criminals are those who gave the orders for such brutality and torture. It is sure that they will, like their predecessors, get away with murder. The policemen and those who gave the orders are to be brought to justice and pay the damage caused on Mohamed Abdirahman Ismail.

Please click the following videos for further information of the torture:

The   local Newsmaker is now in hospital and the news coming from there is not so good.  We are asking the World Humans Rights groups and Human Rights Awareness to fully put the responsibility of these horrendous and cruel activities in Somaliland on the President and the Court of Justice and the security agencies. The Media Organizations in Somaliland should mobilize to spread this injustice happening in their eyes and on them individually and inform people of such murders, brutality, and torture.

To the World International Federation of Journalists, Human Rights & Information Officer, Middle East & Arab World Coordinator, International Press Association- President Editor In Chief, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN), we are asking you to investigate that imprisonment and torture of Journalists and the other murders from Awdal Regionl and report them against Somaliland Human Rights Violation.


Thanks for considering the complaint
Mohamed Ali
ku soo biir Subulaha news network..facebook/subulahanews