It is a crime to engineer International Speeches and tell lies about the High Level Conference on Somalia.  The video posted in the internet, which they say it is the speech of Siiraanyo at Conference of Somalia, is a complete fabrication of the facts of the Conference.

Listening to that speech shows the intensity of the lies. First, The Honorable Prime Minister of UK did not introduce Mr. Siiraanyo. Secondly, it is hard for the human ear to pick up the name of the person the Prime Minister is introducing. What they put in the mouth of the Prime Minister is something like silaanyo or siiraanyo or Italano. Please do not quote me wrong till you listen carefully to the speech and find the list of the speakers.  The UK Prime Minister does not deserve such an insult.  Siiraanyo should apologize directly, immediately, and without any hesitation to the Hon. Prime Minister of UK or his (Siraanyo) Citizenship should be revoked. Siraanyo either should directly address the lies in the media, tell the people who engineered the speech to behave in civilized manner and shut their mouth or that he is the one who is responsible of this deplorable action.

When you listen to the tape, you will know that the person speaking is Mr. Siiraanyo and the content of the speech is the presentation prepared for the Conference. It seems it is taped at the hotel or somewhere else secure.  The webmasters who posted the video should be ashamed of the lies fabricated by some ignorant people who think that they can get away with the lies. The audiences these people are targeting are not the civilized ones who are accessible to the modern media resources and have the means to rationalize between lies and truth.  The truth can be discovered by the click of the mouse and is reachable by your finger tip through the following links:

The guest speakers and their speeches are found in here:

The purported Siraanyo’s speech is found in here too:

The UK Prime Minister and the people of Somaliland deserve more than. It is utterly and unequivocally beyond any one’s comprehension why Mr. Siiraanyo put himself in this predicament and destroyed his honour and statesmanship. It is unbelievable that Siraanyo accepts this dishonorable and abhorring action. It is shame on Siraanyo to even destroy his image in the Somali Communities by his own hands.  If I were him, I would have come forward and tell the truth to the Hon. Prime Minister and in particular to the Somali people.

Before you reach any verdict on this article, you should use your wisdom and knowledge of the facts of the Conference details and use your judgment and reason wisely and intellectually. The facts are at your fingers tips. Truth can never be hidden forever and never stays in the grave!!!!!!!

by Mohamed Ali

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